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Windsurfing Lessons Understanding that windsurfing is finally coming of age, we at Shaka seek to play an active role in its spread. We offer specialized courses of all levels from age 7 to even 75 in a completely methodical step by step way amidst complete safety and oodles of fun.

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With our coaching classes, you can be assured of surfing like a pro in no time. All our lessons are in compliance with RYA and WNZ guidelines and the minimum requirement asked for course is that you are able to swim atleast 75m with or without using a buoyancy aid. Our range of courses include introductory course to help you get the taste of windsurfing, full course, advanced course and a range of specialized courses for the children.

The sessions are always run in the morning which is an ideal time for surfing at amazingly economical process which makes it very attractive for all classes. The exceptional and experienced talented trainers, coaches and our regularly updated top class equipment like wide and highly stable boards, high quality wet suits, light sails of varied sizes and all other amenities to make learning extra smooth and easyeven for the most jittery of pupils. Get in touch with us to know of our amazing deals and discounts on offer.