Not just windsurfing…

Recently, windsurfing is increasingly catching the fancy of all and hence the demand for windsurfing lesson is rapidly increasing. However, before one take up the first surfing lesson, some kind of preparation is essential to help one get the most out of the surf lesson.

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 Surfing requires very strong legs which can come from swimming lessons. Swimming also increases a person’s endurance and stamina to paddle in water which constitutes over 50 percent of the surfing time. The swimming skills greatly increase your comfortability and safety in the water. Another very important requirement for surfing is balance and flexibility and nothing beats yoga in it! Practicing Yoga along with some cardiovascular exercises like running, cycling, spins etc. amp up the physical endurance and strength which proves a big alley in windsurfing.

While learning surfing, try paddling in white water only instead of rushing to paddle at wave’s break area or trying to catch an unbroken wave. These should only be tackled once you are absolutely sure of your surfboard and can hand it comfortably. Popping up in the white water should be mastered first. Last but not least, you must remember to enjoy and have fun even if you might look silly at times.